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AesopOnline Training Substitute

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AESOP Training

Are you looking to become a substitute teacher? If so, AesopOnline is here to help you get the training and certification you need! AesopOnline is an online platform that offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive substitute teacher training course that covers the fundamentals of being a successful substitute teacher. This blog post will discuss the benefits of AesopOnline’s substitute teacher training, what you can expect to learn, and how to get started.

AesopOnline Substitute Training

AESOP Training

You can access the AesopOnline portal by visiting or by dialing 1-800-94-AESOP (1-800-942-3767) as soon as you know you will be on leave. Aesop Online portal allows teachers to view details like syllabus, training, etc., as soon as they are connected to the outlet. With AesopOnline, teachers can check and replace their attendance requirements, request substitute teachers, and manage teacher absences. 

Aesop is an automated program that helps schools manage teacher absences. Teachers and substitute teachers can utilize this powerful, fully integrated phone and web portal. When you register on the portal, your data may take time to be visible. If you have not been able to access the official AesopOnline portal for more than two weeks, please contact 1-866-373-4321.

Here are some things covered in substitute training

Here we are talking about substitute training:

AESOP Training

1. Introduction to AesopOnline:

Before being able to work as a substitute, it is essential to understand how AesopOnline works and its benefits. Through this training, you will learn about the system’s features, how to create an account, how to browse for jobs, and how to apply for them.

2. Communication Skills:

A successful substitute must have practical communication skills when interacting with teachers and administrators. Through this training, you will understand appropriate conduct and learn tips on communicating successfully with people from all levels of an organization.

3. Professionalism:

Being professional as a substitute teacher is paramount. In this training, you will learn the importance of respecting school policies and regulations, dressing appropriately, punctuality, and maintaining order in the classroom.

4. Classroom Management:

As a substitute teacher, it is essential to manage the classroom effectively. You will learn strategies to establish clear expectations and consequences, keep track of student progress, encourage good behavior, and maintain a positive learning environment.

5. Report Writing:

Submitting reports is an important part of being a substitute teacher. Through this training, you will learn how to write comprehensive and accurate reports that reflect student performance during the day.

The guidance that teachers get through substitute training

AESOP Training

The teachers will be shown videos which will make their job smoother. Some aspects covered in this training:

  1. How do you log in to and manage the absence on Aesop Online?
  2. What causes to create a vacancy?
  3. Log in to the official Aesop Online website to look for jobs.
  4. Ensure that you have checked and updated all of your details.
  5. Set a new password
  6. Where can you get help if there are any problems?


Substitute training is an essential part of being a successful substitute teacher. AesopOnline has created an intuitive system that makes this process easy and accessible. With AesopOnline, teachers can quickly learn the ins and outs of being a substitute, gain valuable guidance from the experts, and make sure they are properly trained for any classroom situation. By utilizing AesopOnline’s substitute training, you can feel confident in your abilities as a substitute teacher and ensure that you have the skills and resources necessary to make a difference in the classroom.

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